Yaz (AKA Martín)Edit

Characters in game

Yazarina YarinEdit

Control Wizard - level 60 - Main character

"Magic is a dangerous thing, but knowledge is the way to make it dangerous for someone else".


Yazarina is a student of Luruar who joined Blood because she thought it would help her search of ancient knowledge. She is a secretive person with her own agenda. As far as it is know she might believe or not in the guild ultimate goal about a world where dragons and humans can coexist. Yazarina is always willing to fight any menace over Neverwinter and the Sword Coast.


Great Weapon Fighter - level 60 - First Alt

"You ask me if i am fair? you ask me for pity? i can tell you what justice is and... well... never mind, die!"


Tzorak was born in Luskan. In all but education he is a savage. A mercenary, a soldier for many flags and lords. However, despite some rude behavior he is not a bad person and it is very loyal to his friends and allies. Tzorak is a follower of Tymora, and he think he would have die many times but for the good luck in the battle.