The Tieflings are one of the playable races in Neverwinter and will be available to all players at launch.

Racial Traits-

+2 Charisma

+2 Constitution or +2 Inteligence

Bloodhunt- You deal an additional 5% damage to targets below half health

Infernal Wrath- Whenever you are hit, you have a 10% chance to lower the Power of the attacker by 5% for 5 seconds.

Official Description-

Burdened by their race’s past, tieflings walk through life haunted by their dark and sinister bloodline. Their devilish appearance has prevented many from earning the trust of their human neighbors. Thus, many tieflings have come to rely on cunning and guile in order to survive, making them excellent Rogues. Their infernal heritage also allows them a predisposition towards magic and many tieflings become powerful Wizards.

Many tieflings call Neverwinter their home, and they will fight fiercely for her and the chance to finally earn the trust of their fellow citizens.

Game Description-

Heirs to an ancient infernal bloodline, tieflings have no realms of their own but instead live within human kingdoms and cities. They are descended from human nobles who bargained with dark powers, and long ago their empire subjugated half the world. But the empire was cast down into ruin, and tieflings were left to make their own way in a world that often fears and resents them.

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