I'm the BLOOD Legion's Guild Counsellor. The Great Moderator if you will.

The Beginnings of Scarlet MythflowerEdit

Scarlet was born to parents who were banished by the Wood Elves. Her parents named her Scarlet for the color of the poppies that abounded around her parent's shack. Shortly after birth, her parents disappeared leaving the child behind. As if it were planned, shortly after a scouting party of wood elves came upon her and took her back in to the forest. They appended the last name Mythflower for the effect that poppies can give.


  • To check the guild site and other sources regurlarly for any new or potential members.
  • To review applications and refuse or accept them based on their content and a short discussion, ingame or on the website.
  • To set the trial time and keep track of the intial squires conduct and commitment.
  • To make oneself visible and available as the goto council member for inter guild greivvances, fights, arguments.
  • To deal with any bad behavior that may break the spirit or letter of the code of conduct and charter. Other members should back you up 100% and can be contacted to discuss an issue with before action is taken if this is required ir thought necessary.
  • To help members with their emotional needs (Mom)