This is the first zone you enter after creating your character for the first time.  This is where you meet private wilfred
Tutorial Zone

Starting zone

amongst others and begin your epic journey. 


Its a fairly small zone and it must be noted that in this zone you are immune to damage and no xp is generated from the zone itself.  By the time you finish the tutorial though you will be at level 4.

Points of InterestEdit


This is where you learn to move and pick up your first weapon. You learn how to equip it and you also pick up some clothes and learn how to wear those as well..

Campfire oneEdit

You then climb up to the back of the beach and meet your first NPC Lt. Linkletter. He will send you on your first mission, to rescure some soldiers injured in the field from rotter zombies!

Campfire twoEdit

This is where you come across Dell McCourt. He tells you to go help his men in any way you can..

Dead DracolichEdit

This is where you come across Makos. He is investigating the Dracolich remains here and requests some herbs.

Camp ThreeEdit

This is where you find Private Hawithidorn who informs you of the danger neverwinter is in.

Neverwinter GatesEdit

This is where you join up with Private Wilfred and head on into neverwinter to help defend against an attack. These gates lead you to sleeping dragon bridge where you meet Valindra the lich for the first time.


LT. LinkletterEdit

Dell McCourtEdit


Private HawthidonEdit

Private WilfredEdit


Rotter ZombiesEdit

Decrepit SkeletonsEdit

Undead SoldierEdit


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  • Kill acheivements
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