The high walls and imposing stonework of Tyr’s former temple mark it as a timeless bastion of duty and honor.
The great temple stands atop a seaside bluff, challenging all threats from the Sea of Swords or inland Faerun.


The Lord Protector of Neverwinter rules the city from the Hall of Justice.  From his office Lord Neverember issues

Hall Of Justice. The former temple to Tyr is now Lord Neverembers personal office...

edicts, coordinates the activities of his followers, and (when he can spare the time) holds audience with the impoverished citizens of the city. However, he has no facility for dispensing justice, and he thinks it would be politically foolish to portray himself as the city’s magistrate. Thus, he has delegated that role to Soman Galt, whom he has appointed mayor of Neverwinter. The dwarf listens wearily to supplicant after supplicant, offering grudging mediation and taking the blame for Neverember’s policies. Meanwhile, the lord enhances his image as the charismatic champion who does not stoop to petty politics.

When the townsfolk complain, Neverember shifts the blame to one or another of his subordinates and is subsequently hailed as a hero for making an example of the supposed scoundrel. He assures the citizens that he is doing his best in a bad situation.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

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