The Blood Legion Order of Dragons Guild RosterEdit

Here we will try to show you the entire guild roster for the blood legion, within the most sacred of Societys The Order Of Dragons..  From the grandmaster himself all the way down to the knights that make up the bulk of our legion we all have been given the oppurtunity to present ourselves here for your amusement and information!


Within the order there is a set hierarchy that facilitates easier organisation and a firm direction and vision for the guild.

The hierarchy in order of rank from highest to lowest is as follows..


High Council

Knights Captain




Guild RanksEdit

Here we shall explain the different ranks and the role and duties that members of the rank are expected to perform.


The Leader of the guild, the grandmaster is basically the top dog, the head honcho, the boss, the owner, chairman or whatever your name for guild leader is.  The duties are pretty exhaustive and for most of what the grandmaster does there is no applause.  So this role is quite selfless and it takes a certain personality toi be able to deal with that.  Hence why there are not trillions of guilds out there, just hundreds :)  some like to lead and some prefer to follow..
TBC Jezath (talk) 18:32, May 20, 2013 (UTC)