The Great Weapon Fighter is feared across the Forgotten Realms as a punishing damage-dealer -- and sometimes
Neverwinter - The Great Weapon Fighter Class Reveal

Neverwinter - The Great Weapon Fighter Class Reveal

The Great Weapon Fighter Class

reckless in battle. Leading the charge against Valindra Shadowmantle, the valiant fighter only needs a sharp two-handed weapon and a vast skillset to dominate enemies.

The Great Weapon Fighter it is one of the two basic builds for fighters in Dungeons and Dragons 4E, the other one is the Guardian Fighter.

General RoleEdit

The Great Weapon Fighter relies on his brute force and endurance to dominate the battlefield. He is specially good for fighting several enemies at the same time and deliver devastating hits. While he is second to Guardian Fighter in tanking role, he can absorve a lot of damage. The GWF should be use in combination with a GF so while the second takes the worst of the attacks the first destroys the attackers health.

Main AttributesEdit

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