Control Wizards harness powerful arcane energies to restrict, crush and debilitate their foes. Wielding a magical orb, they are capable of unleashing torrents of damage alongside an adventuring party, and use ice and force to manipulate the movements of unwitting creatures.

The control wizard is one of the two basic builds for the wizard class in Dungeons and Dragons 4E, being War Wizard the other.

General RoleEdit

Control Wizards general role is to stay behind and control monsters and provide support to their allies, while adding damage over time effects and area of effect abilies to take out the weak monsters before they overwhelm your allies.

Paragon pathsEdit

Wizards have 3 Paragon paths on D&D 4E: Battle Mage, Blood Mage and Spellstorm Mage. Currently the only one available on the game is the Spellstorm Mage.

Main AttributesEdit

Int(Intelligence) Gives the Control Wizard a increased damage and ability recharge speed bonus.

Wis(Wisdom) Gives the Control Wizard a increased control bonus and resistance, ability recharge speed and action points gain bonus.

Cha(Charisma) Gives the Control Wizard a increased critical chance, combat advantage damage, and companion stat bonus.

Con(Constitution) Gives the Control Wizard a increased health point gain.

Recommended RacesEdit



Humans are a very good at adapting their abilities to whatever class they choose. They won't be the best race for Control Wizard but they are recommened if you don't want to play a wood elf. Their defense bonus allows room for mistakes on the Control Wizard.

Stat Bonuses:  +2 to Any Ability Score

Heroic Effort: You gain an additional Heroic Feat point at levels 10, 15 and 20.

Versatile Defense: Increase your Defense by 3%.

Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Elves

Elf Edit

Elves are a great race to use as a Control Wizard, their racial traits are good if you are planning on having a balanced Control Wizard throughout the late game.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Constitution & +2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom. 

Dilettante Grants: +1 to non-class Ability Score.

Knack for Success: You are just naturally better at many facets of life, gaining +1% Deflect, +1% Critical Severity, and +1% Gold Find.

Tiefling Edit

4e tiefling

Tieflings -- though may have a dark past -- are good alternative to use for Control Wizards their starting stats can give the Control Wizard a really balanced playthrough in later levels. Their Bloodhunt would be really good if you're planning on dealing more damage to targets.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Charisma & +2 Constitution or +2 Intelligence

Bloodhunt: You deal an additional 5% damage to targets below half health.

Infernal Wrath: Whenever you are hit, you have a 10% chance to lower the Power of the attacker by 5% for 5 seconds.

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